1. "Sometimes mermaids devour tigers"

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  2. "You never looked up to me, I’m not the type to be admired, you feared me…"

  3. 'Steph… what are you doing?'


  4. 9/1-9/7

    THE NEW FAIRY TAIL EPISODE, SO MUCH FREAKING NALU, I LOVE THAT SHIT, I idolize like literally every character on that show, especially natsu and laxus, I LOVE mirajane too, I can’t wait until next week’s episode, pretty sure it’s gonna be the one where natsu steals the crown, but I REALLY can’t wait for the episode when they finally go home, what a GREAT SERIES

    not really a ton going on in my real world life, just working ALL THE FREAKING TIME, and class too, but this is my last semester of core classes so im really just waiting for it to be over haha, DESTINY COMES OUT IN LIKE TWO DAYS AND I CANT FUCKING WAIT

    MY TEAM THE ATLANTA FALCONS FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON IS TODAY, I want to expect big things, but last year we were SUPPOSED TO BE SUPERBOWL CONTENDERS AND WENT 3-13, 3 AND FUCKING 13, PLEASE don’t let me down this year PLEASE

    akame ga kill is such a freaking good show, I haven’t seen the new episode yet, but last week’s was AMAZING, when Bulat was dying and then his imperial arms transferred and THEN TRANSFORMED TO FUSE WITH TATSUMI, god I was so hype, I’m gonna have to start reading the manga, can’t keep waiting weeks to see what happens next

    also FINALLY found a translated version of the no game no life light novel, aka that’s how I’ll spend my night at work lol

  5. "After being used in an Imperial Arms, the dragon’s flesh is still alive! Tatsumi… Your passion has caused Incursio to evolve once more!"

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  7. "So you’ll always be stuck behind us, chasing the fairy’s tail"

  8. #TeamNatsu

  9. fairytailconfess:

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  11. moete kita zo! 燃えてきたぞ

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  12. "I believe in the potential of humanity"


  13. Anonymous said: where do you work?

    im a waiter haha


  14. stability:

    *wishes i was a part of your internet gang*

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  15. 7 Dragons.. 7 Dragon slayers.. LET’S GO DRAGON HUNTING!

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